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Dance Teacher, Choreographer

& Creative Director

International Biography

Dancer & Choreographer for musicals inc. Beauty and the Beast, Life is a Cabaret, Evita, Grease & opening act for the Rihanna concert and many more...



Let the journey begin

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Cüneyt trained as a professional dancer at the Zürich Dance Theatre School and Swiss Ballet School, under the directorship of Pierre and Ljuba Dobrievitch (Maurice Béjart Dance Company), and graduated with a prestigious state-recognised diploma and certificate for dance.


In the following years, he continued his training in jazz and ballet in New York and London to perfect both styles.

As a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and creative director new ideas moves and new adventures

Cüneyt has been teaching for many years both professional and young aspiring dancers at various high schools, dance schools and professional centres in the UK and across Europe. His many years of training, his dedication to dance and his pedagogical knowledge as a teacher have equipped him with the expertise to work as a dance teacher and choreographer.

After numerous appointments in dance companies and engagements as a musical actor, singer and dancer, Cüneyt choreographed for various events, fashion shows and musicals. In his international workshops and summer courses he teaches various styles including:

  • Jazz, Lyrical / Contemporary Jazz

  • Barre à TérreBallet

  • Hip-Hop

  • Body Contact

  • Musical Dance

Dancing is a passion that unites and makes us happy: International workshops with star teachers


Cüneyt regularly organises and leads summer courses, where he passes on his passion to the students and gives them the opportunity to learn from the biggest names in the industry.

This includes his collaboration with LaVelle Smith Jr. – the dancer and choreographer of Michael Jackson and other international stars – one of the biggest highlights of his career.

His workshops have involved several famous dance teachers and choreographers.

      The Dance Of Life: I Always Keep Dancing…

Already during his training at the well-known Swiss Ballet School he participated in various dance productions for Renault, Yamaha and La Roche. In 1993 he achieved his breakthrough: he became the Swiss champion in freestyle dance.

In the following years Cüneyt featured in numerous events, shows and television appearances, for example, in the amphitheatre in Pompeii together with Grace Jones and with Gloria Gaynor on the Swiss TV channel SFR1. In 2000, he worked with the Modern Dance Company Fredéric Flammand in Brussels and toured with DJ Bobo in Switzerland.

      Musical at its best … exciting to be in this World of Dance

Musicals touch the soul - and have been inspiring audiences for years.

After his engagement with the Swiss Kammerballett in 1994, Cüneyt danced as a musical actor, singer and dancer in different musical productions. He has appeared on the following stages amongst others:

  • Theater des Westens, Berlin 

  • Melissa

  • The Beauty and The Beast 

  • Evita

  • Cabaret

  • Deep Musical


Bob Fosse`s Musical Cabaret

      Dance without limits – Cüneyt shines as a choreographer

Also as a choreographer, Cüneyt enthuses his audience and has already worked for the Potsdam fashion ball in Berlin, as well as for various new car presentations including BMW, Suzuki and Renault. In addition, he has choreographed musicals such as Grease, My Fair Lady and West Side

Story and shone as a dancer in the opening act for the Rihanna concert in Basel together with the well-known singer Emel. Most recently, he choreographed the opening show of the Polyball in Zurich. Further information can be found in the credits section.

Cüneyt Ücüncü

Grease Musical Premiere 2010

F U R T H E R  R E F E R E N C E S 


- Rihanna - Concert supporting act with Emel St. Jakobshalle, CH-Basel

- Tarkan - ( Hesab ) Dilalia, CH-Regensdorf

- Zofka - Video clip ( Je Ne Suis Qu`à Moi ) CH-Zürich

- Haiducci - ( Dragostea Din Tei ) CH-Zürich

- Gloria Gaynor - Swiss DRS TV performance, CH-Zürich

- DJ Bobo - ( Tour )

      - Swiss Master in Freestyle - Dance -



- BMW 5er Limousine - CH-Neuenegg

- Suzuki - Car concept-S Swift - CH-Luzern

- Renault Megane - CH-Baden


- Grease - Le Théàtre, CH-Kriens-Luzern

- West Side Story - Highschool for Music, CH-Zürich

- My Fair Lady - Festsaal Wagerenhof, CH-Uster and Bernhard Theater, CH-Zürich 

- Stardust - Scala Theater, CH-Basel

- Alla Turca Projekt - Swiss Radio, CH-Geneve and Stadthausall, CH-Winterthur

- The Black Forest Girl Opera - DE-Berlin


- Potsdam Fashion Ball - e.g. Wolford Fashion Show, DE-Berlin

- Hotel and Gastro Union, Bragard - Dance, Fashion Show, CH-Basel

- Bluewin - Fashion Show, CH-Zürich

- Compaq - CH-Basel

- Steps - CH-Zürich


- 1st. International Supercross - Hallenstadion, CH-Zürich

- Swiss Moto Motorbike - Trade Fair Oerlikon, CH-Zürich

- Industriallife - Tour, CH-Ostschweiz


- Deep Musical - ( Ensemble ) Dir: M. Davids, Choreog: D. Davis, CH-Zürich

- Cabaret - ( Ensemble ) Choreog: G. Giraldo, Dir: J. Schmidl, City Theatre, DE-Freiburg

- Evita - ( Ensemble ) Choreog: M. King, City Theatre, AU-Klagenfurt

- Beauty and the Beast - ( Ensemble / Chair  ) Dir: M. Davids, Choreog: M. King Tour, DE-CH-AU

- Melissa - (Ensemble, Dance Captain and Role as Piano Player ) CH-Winterthur

- Theater Des Westens, 30 60 90  ( Gang Member ) Dir: H. Baumann and Choreog: M. King, DE-Berlin

- Space Dream - ( Ensemble ) Choreog: M. Wuest, Musical Theatre, DE-Berlin & CH-Baden


- Königsfelder Festivals, Choreogs: Jean Deroc, K. Vanek, J. Sutherland, CH-Brugg

- Fredéric Flamand - Modern Dance Company, BR-Charleroi


- ASVZ Zürich University Academic Sports Association - ( Jazz & ballet teacher ) CH-Zürich

- Marciano Minasi Dance School - ( Children & adult jazz teacher ) CH-Bassersdorf

- Colombo Dance Factory - Professional dance training jazz class & open class ) CH-Zürich

- Swiss Musical Academy -  ( Lecturer in jazz / musical theatre repertoire ) CH-Bern

- Funky Dance School - ( Professional dance training for jazz teachers ) CH-Uster

- Arena 225 - ( Jazz dance teacher ) CH -Zürich

- Tanzschule BBB Show - ( Choreographer & jazz workshops ) DE-Esslingen

- Miltons Dance Studio - ( Jazz dance teacher ) DE-Berlin

- Institute for Gymnastics and Dance - ( Jazz, Hip - Hop Dance, Workshops ) DE-Kiel

- Nat Move - ( Children & adult jazz and ballet ) CH-Baden

- Circle - ( Jazz workshops ) CH-Beinwil am See

- Ballett Centrum Ku-Damm Karee - ( Jazz dance teacher ) DE-Berlin


- Jazz Dance Teacher & Choreographer Award - Baba Magazin TR-Istanbul

- Swiss Championship 1st Place - ( Choreog & Freestyle ) CH-Wohlen

- Competition Final 1st Place - ( Choreog & Freestyle ) ES-Ibiza

- Competition Qualifier 1st Place - ( Choreog & Freestyle ) CH-Dübendorf

- Competition Qualifier 1st Place - ( Choreog & Freestyle ) CH-Dübendorf

- Swiss Championship 1st Place - ( Choreog & Freestyle ) CH-Olten

- Competition Qualifier 1st Place - ( Choreog & Freestyle ) CH-Dübendorf

- Competition Qualifier 1st Place - ( Choreog & Freestyle ) CH-Weinfelden

- Competition Final 3st Place - ( Choreog & Freestyle ) AU-Feldkirch

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