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Private Online Dance Classes with Cüneyt

The classes can have elements of jazz, contemporary jazz, lyrical, ballet, modern, musical dance, barre à térre and street dance, and can be tailored to your specific needs. He caters for adults, children and young aspiring students training to be professional dancers and/or teachers. Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to advanced levels including singers, actors as well as dancers! Learn to dance, express yourself and have fun!

Cueneyt, Michelle Gisin und Dominique .j

Cueneyt teaching the famous Swiss ski stars Michelle & Dominique Gisin  

There will be a physical workout for the body with exciting music and a nice warm up that involves a range of movements and different types of exercises including isolations, floor work, stretching and extensions.

Cüneyt teaches with great passion and always brings fun into his private lessons, working in a very positive and supportive way. His teaching philosophy is to help you feel more grounded when you dance, by building confidence and independence, whilst at the same time providing a challenging and supportive environment in which to develop personally through dance and movement. 

A highlight of the private class is the dance choreographies, which enable you to feel free to express yourself from within through dance. They can be very emotional, dramatic and powerful, or upbeat and dynamic with strong accents in the music, therefore giving a different type of energy and a feeling of an electric atmosphere!



1 class: GBP 120 (1 x 60 min)

Special offers:


10 classes: GBP 1080 for (10 x 60 min)

20 classes: GBP 1920 for (20 x 60 min)

download the zoom APP


Just download the Zoom app onto your computer, phone or iPad, you will receive an email with the link and code for Zoom after your registration and we can start to dance:-)

For more information just send your name and contact details by email to

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