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S T A G I N G   T H E   S E N S E S

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Dancing - moving to the rhythm of music - is one of our most primal needs. Everyone is familiar with the rush that comes from watching a beautiful body dancing, carried away by the sound of the beat. Use this unconventional way of expression to appeal to your guests and clients, and captivate your audience

Cüneyt works as a freelance choreographer for shows, events and companies. He has created fascinating show acts performed by both amateur and professional dancers.

Entertain your audience with the imaginative and innovative choreography that you would like expressed through dance. Convince your clients with productions that

will remain as positive memories and be sure to leave a lasting impression.


Cüneyt creates exciting choreographies to fascinating music, after having determined your exact goals and expectations. He can develop concepts for lighting, stage aesthetics and also edit music,

producing fast and aesthetic dance shows for on-stage performances, film

or television. He puts all this into the spotlight during your presentation or show.

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