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Join in the Limited Edition Special Class!

June Session with Cueneyt

t  h  e    j  a  z  z   d  a  n  c  e   c  l  a  s  s  e  s  !

Let's have a unique experience of sensual movements with everything that goes with it! 

We dance: Jazz Dance at its finest!

L  E  T`S    D  A  N  C  E

Dance pic cue.jpg

 O  N  L  I  N  E    D  A  N  C  E    W  I  T  H   C  Ü  N  E  Y  T

Every Saturday in June

Course 1: Very beginners

10:00 - 11:30 (UK Time)

11:00 - 12:30 (European Time)

Jazz Dance.

Course 2: Intermediate

12:00 - 13:30 (UK Time)

13:00 - 14:30 (European Time)

Jazz Dance.

Every Monday in June

Course 3: Beginners

18:00 - 19:30 (UK Time)

19:00 - 20:30 (European Time)

Jazz Dance.


Sign up now to let me know which course you would like to participate in. Just send your name and contact details by WhatsApp SMS (+44 7553 657981) or by email (contact@cueneyt.com), so I can reserve a place for you.


Price: GBP 15 / person / 90 min lesson.

download the zoom APP

Just download the Zoom app onto your computer, phone or iPad, you will receive an email with the link and code for Zoom after your registration and we can start to dance:-)

Jazz Dance Classes with Cueneyt


Registrations are final and will be charged. Incoming payments cannot be reimbursed.

C  L  A  S  S   D  E  S  C  R  I  P  T  I  O  N

Jazz Dance Classes with Cueneyt

Cüneyt’s jazz class incorporates elements of ballet, modern and musical dance, where he expresses his unique individual style. His warm up involves a range of movements and different types of exercises including isolations, floor work, stretching and extensions to provide a physical workout for the body. There is also a strong focus on technique, with turns and jumps forming an important part of his programme, and exciting music to motivate the students. 


Cüneyt teaches various styles of dance (e.g. jazz, ballet, hip-hop, musical dance and barre à térre) to adults, children and young aspiring students training to be professional dancers and/or teachers. He does this with great passion and always brings fun into his classes, working in a very positive and supportive way. His teaching philosophy is to help students feel more grounded when they dance, by building their confidence and independence, whilst at the same time providing a challenging and supportive environment in which to grow. 

He teaches different types of jazz and musical theatre classes including lyrical and contemporary jazz, which are very emotionel and dramatic, as well as other jazz styles to more upbeat and dynamic rhythms. A highlight of Cüneyt’s class is always the dance choreographies, which enable you to feel free to express yourself from within through dance. They can also be very powerful, with strong accents in the music, therefore giving a different type of energy in the dance studio – a feeling of an electric atmosphere!